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The Super Sorter – A system that is reliable and takes the difficulty out of sorting.

Keeping up with the latest innovations, the Super Sorter has been developed to bring the highest technology in the sorting business to your barn.  Now you can monitor multiple barns and farms from the convenience of your desktop.

We have now brought our superior sorter together with the advanced ESP (Electronic Sense of Position) of the HerdStar® head.  With this system there are no troublesome gate triggers or electronic eyes.  We have designed our scale with the goal of easy operation. 

With this head we have eliminated problem areas that will not work in the barn and hog environment, such as ramping, electric eyes and weighing times.  We also have five sort modes:  Simple, Train, Light, Sell, and RFID to help in the monitoring of your pigs.

With the Super Sorter, you can manage the feeding of pigs, monitor the daily rates of gain, mark pigs at any sort level, and monitor multiple scales and sites, plus many more features.  Our frame design does not intimidate the hogs and therefore speeds up training and reduces stress at the same time. 

We have over ten years of design research and development specializing in the automatic hog scale business with a keen sense of technical support.  We believe in ease of usage with technical practicalities.


Box 83, Sidney MB, R0H 1L0 Phone: (204) 466-3005   FAX: (204) 466-2766  Toll Free  877-544-5658